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Quick Hit Top Chef Thoughts: OK, I’m not a celeb…

December 18, 2008
So, some quick thoughts about last night’s episode of Top Chef.
1. Ariane strikes again:  More Jersey representation!!! Even Martha was givin’ props to the motherland…
Am I in Culinariane Jersey love???

Am I in Culinariane Jersey love???

2. I’m not famous:  My face showed up about three times and Blondie looked like a celeb during her entrance, but I would have liked a little more camera time.. maybe a shot of me stuffing my face like a gavone?

3. Hosea wins, I win: I did give my aids ribbon to Hosea, that pork dish was incredible… no doubt.

4. Jeff had the crowds, but not the flavor.

5. Don’t listen to Colicchio: The food was not bad, at all. Maybe not as inventive as he would have liked, but I thought everyone did well in keeping with the theme.

6. Never thought I would like a deviled egg: I hate deviled eggs, always have… I probably had about 6 of those crab topped ones… they were unreal, the best I have ever had.

7. Anyone else getting bored of Padma’s harsh opinions??? I mean really…

8. Shout of to Blondie for getting us our 15 seconds of fame


IAteItMyWay Top Chef Sighting

December 12, 2008

As one could imagine, I am a HUGE fan of Top Chef.

Aside from an HBO show or two, I try to stay away from television altogether, however, it’s just one of those weekly shows that I refuse to miss. I’m not sure if its me diggin’  Colicchio’s opinions or Padma’s cougar-ness, but Wednesday nights are permanently reserved for this show.

ANYWAY… I have been following this season particularly close because I was given the opportunity to participate in an upcoming episode (Next Week: 12/17 10p.m. ET). No, despite my thinking that I am an all-knowing food expert, I was NOT the guest judge, but I was part of a rather size-able crowd that was given the opportunity to enjoy the holiday festivities.

I suppose I can’t give any details of the event, with the exception of  assuring you that all the food was damn tasty. I am however pleased to say that my likeness was featured not once, but TWICE in last week’s teaser for the new episode.

As far as my thoughts for the season so far…  I am loving the terrific representation of Jersey… GO ARIANE!

Out of pure excitement, I patiently awaited the rerun and took a picture of the TV from my couch. Christmas is coming, someone please buy me a DVR/TIVO.

Enjoy below, and watch next week!

The real New York Christmas Spectacular

The real New York Christmas Spectacular

Share Your Plate

November 21, 2008

So millions will be stuffing their face next Thursday… and perhaps, millions will not. Fortunatly, we’re all granted the opportunity to do something about it.

Who is the bigger turkey?

Who's the bigger turkey?

Find your local Food Bank and give back… One of my choices… Go Orange with the Food Bank of New York, or, join The Boss and ensure that this bank, The Community Food Bank of New Jersey, does not fail.


Ooh yea yea yea… cheeeeeeeeeessseeeeee! A visit to Badger Country

November 20, 2008

I have made it quite obvious that I take pride in finding and dining at eateries throughout New Jersey. However, once in a while, I get the opportunity, mostly thanks to my job, to travel our great country and discover the local cuisine.

My most recent adventure… a cheesy trip to Madison, WI… a town that is very easy to a) fall in love with, or, b) have a heart attack. Well i suppose it was so enjoyable because in addition to the food, I also enjoyed the fall colors with a balmy temp of 72 degrees.


The fare is very American… Cheese, Beer, Cheese, Brats, Cheese… and Wisconsin does it their way. I knew I was in for some fun when the first bar I walked in had Budweiser on the “IMPORT” list…

Hell, give me classy pub grub anytime, and I guarantee a smile. My time was limited and my stay at the Madison Concourse Concourse Hotel was short…however, I had the opportunity to try two great local establishments… The Old Fashioned and The Great Dane.

Co-workers and locals suggested favorites such as fried cheese curds and custard, but I balked with the hope of returning home at the same weight that I departed at.

Favorite Selections of the trip…

  • Brewman Rob’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese at The Great Dane (123 Doty St.)- yes, you heard it, grilled cheese. Start with Two thick slices of Wheatberry-grain bread. Stacked with Gouda, Otter Creek Organic raw milk seasonal pesto cheddar, organic tomatoes, finished with basil pesto and oh, what the hell, 4 strips of local applewood bacon.  Takes wonder bread and American to new heights!!!
  • Totally Naked Beer– New Glarus Brewing Company – Nice Pale Ale… the way I like it anyway

The best part of all… I didn’t pay more than $15 for any of my meals.

Saving it for a rainy day…

September 6, 2008

Hurricane Hannah is making its way up the coast… worst of all it has ruined the chance to spend one last warm, guido-free weekend down the jersey shore. Stuck in Hoboken this weekend (which really isn’t a bad thing), there was only one thing to do… A Fiore’s Roast Beef, Mozz and Gravy. Always fresh, always warm, and always delicious.

"Treccia" or braided fresh mozz at Fiore's "House of Quality"