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January 13, 2009

So Midtown Lunch decided to compile a list of the best pizza in Midtown Manhattan. Because I work in the area, I can assure you from first hand experience…  although these may be the best, they are nothing to write home (or a blog) about.

Of course, as most things do, this got me thinkin’… what pizza is worth writing about? 

Naturally, I crossed the Hudson River to prepare my list of the Best Pizza in New Jersey. With respect to Pete Genovese and the Star-Ledger Munchmobile, below are my choices for Jersey’s top slices…

  • Pizza Town USA– Recently re-introduced to the tasty and seemingly always open stop just off exit 157 in Elmwood Park
  • Grimalidi’s– So maybe we stole it from Brooklyn, but this pizza has brought the brick oven to Hoboken
  • Carmine’s– The pizza I grew up on… way out in Netcong, NJ
  • The Godfather – Stop in East Hanover for the ultimate toppings from Bruschetta to Baked Ziti
  • Pete & Elda’s/ Carmen’s Pizzeria – After the beach, a stop in Neptune City  should be the first order of business down the shore… paper thin XXL
  • Lodi Pizza – Another great stop along Rt. 46
  • Rocco’s – It got me through college and greatly improves the Madison food scene
  • Lido’s Pizza – Back to Hackensack, my birthplace, for more paper thin crust
A slice of heaven! Rarely a leftover at Pete  & Elda's

A slice of heaven! Rarely a leftover at Pete & Elda's

While I’m not an expert, I do have respect for pizza from the 5-boroughs… for more info check out I Dream of Pizza… hoping for some L&B real soon (ya hear that, pags?)


Ooh yea yea yea… cheeeeeeeeeessseeeeee! A visit to Badger Country

November 20, 2008

I have made it quite obvious that I take pride in finding and dining at eateries throughout New Jersey. However, once in a while, I get the opportunity, mostly thanks to my job, to travel our great country and discover the local cuisine.

My most recent adventure… a cheesy trip to Madison, WI… a town that is very easy to a) fall in love with, or, b) have a heart attack. Well i suppose it was so enjoyable because in addition to the food, I also enjoyed the fall colors with a balmy temp of 72 degrees.


The fare is very American… Cheese, Beer, Cheese, Brats, Cheese… and Wisconsin does it their way. I knew I was in for some fun when the first bar I walked in had Budweiser on the “IMPORT” list…

Hell, give me classy pub grub anytime, and I guarantee a smile. My time was limited and my stay at the Madison Concourse Concourse Hotel was short…however, I had the opportunity to try two great local establishments… The Old Fashioned and The Great Dane.

Co-workers and locals suggested favorites such as fried cheese curds and custard, but I balked with the hope of returning home at the same weight that I departed at.

Favorite Selections of the trip…

  • Brewman Rob’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese at The Great Dane (123 Doty St.)- yes, you heard it, grilled cheese. Start with Two thick slices of Wheatberry-grain bread. Stacked with Gouda, Otter Creek Organic raw milk seasonal pesto cheddar, organic tomatoes, finished with basil pesto and oh, what the hell, 4 strips of local applewood bacon.  Takes wonder bread and American to new heights!!!
  • Totally Naked Beer– New Glarus Brewing Company – Nice Pale Ale… the way I like it anyway

The best part of all… I didn’t pay more than $15 for any of my meals.