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Hail to the CHiEF

January 20, 2009

Congratulations to Barack Obama for becoming our great nation’s 44th President.

I had to find a way to tie this to cuisine, right? No problem.

Below, please find a list of some of our new commander’s favorite foods.  You are sure to find them at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington D.C. 20500 as of about 12-noon today.

Dig in... Mr. President

Dig in... Mr. President

Favorite Food to Cook: Chili

Other Food Obama Has Been Known to Enjoy: Shrimp & Grits

Food Obama is not Fond of: British Food

Favorite Restaurant: Italian Fiesta Pizzeria in Chicago

Thanks to an old post on the So Good Blog for the info


Top Chef: You could see it coming from a mile away…

January 14, 2009

With more than 20 minutes left in tonight’s episode of Top Chef, I knew the inevitable was about to happen. As I stated in last week’s recap, you knew the season was about to get interesting… unfortunately, as interesting as it got, it appears that my interest in the rest of the season will soon fade away…

Tonight, we say goodbye to Ariane Duarte… after 3 wins, a Today Show appearance and some solid home-state representation, she will certainly go down as my favorite contestant from the show.

It seemed that everyone was out to get her from the beginning. However, I have also stated over and over again that the main dish is the main focus, and apparently, the lamb failed miserably.

What I know is this, the base of a good eating experience comes from everyone that has their hand in the meal. From the farm that grows the food, to the chef that prepares it, to the bus boy who clears your table. I find it really hard to believe that one person can be held accountable for a poor dish in a setting like that.

I’ll be visiting Montclair soon and I definitely don’t see this as the end to my dining experience with Ariane.

Later my friend
Later my friend, it’s been fun…

Restaurant Wars next week, I suppose that could be fun… oh, and the whole Hosea/Leah romance… enough already, I’ve seen porn relationships with more depth than that.

… oh, and last week it was Dr. Pepper, this week it’s Spam… what’s next, cheese doodles? easy cheese?

Another Top Chef Sighting

December 19, 2008

OK… I will get off my appearance on Top Chef last week, but I did just get another image of me from the episode. I’m done, I swear… just happy to have a shot of me eating!



Saving it for a rainy day…

September 6, 2008

Hurricane Hannah is making its way up the coast… worst of all it has ruined the chance to spend one last warm, guido-free weekend down the jersey shore. Stuck in Hoboken this weekend (which really isn’t a bad thing), there was only one thing to do… A Fiore’s Roast Beef, Mozz and Gravy. Always fresh, always warm, and always delicious.

"Treccia" or braided fresh mozz at Fiore's "House of Quality"