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Economy apparently not affecting Wing Bowl

January 29, 2009

While tooling around on Stubhub yesterday, I was shocked to find, amidst tickets for concerts, theater and global sporting events… a category for competitive eating!

Between the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog contest and various plugs on the Food Network, Travel Channel, FOX, etc., competitive eating has obviously been elevated to a national stage. Personally, I would never dream of participating for two reasons:

  1. My passion for actually enjoying what I eat
  2. Because no matter how much I think I can eat, I know that I would be so outmatched that the Black Widow herself may actually try to swallow me whole. 

It’s just one thing I never thought I would see… Scalped tickets for a competitive eating event??? The Wing Bowl, one of the world’s most coveted eating titles, happened to be the featured event of the day. It’s simply amazing… a price mark-up, based solely on demand, to watch a people suck the marrow from tiny bones, especially in a time of wing crisis!

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some wings. You can typically find me elbow deep in a bucket every Tuesday night at the Black Bear in Hoboken… but seriously, I don’t get the appeal in trekking to the Wachovia Center (a major sports venue, home to the Flyers and 76ers) to watch people eat. I’d rather take the ride to go to Pat’s/Jim’s for a steak.

Upon sharing this story with friends, I was met with blank stares… shocked that I actually doubted the intrigue of attending the Wing Bowl… Maybe it’s time to reconsider? I’ll see you there, Wags!

Who needs 2?

Who needs 2?