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It’s the tastiest sandwich you’ve never had

October 11, 2009

Just a hungry thought on a lazy Sunday…

I’ve eaten so many sandwiches, so many ways…  heros, grinders, subs, wraps, paninis, and more, I’ve rocked ’em all. I’ve written about cheesesteaks from Philly, Pastrami from New York, BBQ from Austin, Hot Dogs from Chicago, Burgers from just about anywhere, and of course, Roast Beef and Mozz from Hoboken.

Yet, after all my searching, there may be no finer sandwich in all the land than the much-discussed Num Pang pulled duroc pork spiced with honey, topped with cucumber, pickled carrots, cilantro and chili mayo on fresh baked Parisi bread.

It’s become impossible to visit Union Square in NYC without eating one… or two.  Go try ASAP — 21 E. 12th St. (near University)

Small sandwich, powerful flavor

Small sandwich, powerful flavor


Ate so much I got BB-Queezy

October 1, 2009

East, West, North, South and Midwest alike, if there is one food that transcends the American culinary culture, it’s undoubtedly BBQ. The Carolinas, Tennessee, Missouri or Texas — as we know there’s truly no one right way to smoke, grill or marinade meat. Recently, I’ve been dining amongst gods of the pit including Big Ed Mitchell and his unconventional blending of east and west flavors (no not Asian, vinegar and dry rub!), and the late-great Billy Mays,  included for his excitement for stain removal, providing diners with the comfort of knowing that it’s okay to pig out because stains incurred from moist, tangy meat are merely part of the experience.

Recent visits to the annual Big Apple BBQ festival in Madison Square Park, Lambert’s in downtown Austin, TX and Blue Smoke in NYC have made me continuously crave messy, sloppy, dirty, and filthy,  ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket, slaw, beans, and of course… beer.

Looking for a good sauce? Give FunniBonz a shot… especially the spicy

Ready to chop that whole hog

Ready to chop that whole hog


January 28, 2009

This blog was not launched as a way for me to aggregate content from other sources and simply store them in a location I could call my own. Some argue that this would be the point of having a blog, however, I just like the idea of developing original content based on my experiences and interests…


That is withstanding, those certain occasions, when a story just needs to get out there to the masses. Case-in-point, below.  


Your omelet has just made a new friend, and he is cooler, hipper and fatter than any of its previous partners… Meet the Bacon Explosion a by-product of Kansas City, well known for its famous BBQ… below for the pic, Thanks to Damon Darlin and the NYTimes for the lead!


2 lbs of Bacon + 2 lbs of Sausage = Heaven and a Heart Attack

2 lbs of Bacon + 2 lbs of Sausage = Heaven and a Heart Attack