IAteItMyWay Profiled at Midtown Lunch

Posted February 25, 2009 by sinatram
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Excited to be among the profiled at Midtown Lunch. This site is a godsend for those looking for a decent meal in the food wasteland of Midtown Manhattan.


Can’t say that I was thrilled with most of the comments. Apparently, I’m not giving enough respect to Indian food, and not liking it makes you a questionable human being…

Thanks to Zach for the post!


That keeps me searching for a heart of… shrimp?

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Valentine’s Day 2009… while I’m all about helping restaurants keep their bookings up in these difficult times… I just couldn’t see a reason to pay an outrageous amount of money on a prix-fixe meal for me and the lady.

Hmm… let’s jack up prices on a boring menu and offer a cheap glass of champagnge  and a rose to make everyone feel special??? No thanks…

You want special for V-day… make  it yourself. Chicken Saltimbocca, stuffed peppers and a “Heart of Shrimp” salad…

Valentine's Day a la Hoboken

Valentine's Day a la Hoboken

This is why you’re fat

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Wow… great web discovery, today.

In the voice of the late, great Don Lafontaine: In a world where calories no longer matter… Food is prepared any way you like… heart attacks are something to strive for… and being wrapped in bacon, topped with french fries, or deep fried merely make you normal… well…


A web site completely dedicated to the most raucous, heartburn inducing, artery clogging foods on earth… you must check out this website.

Coming soon to an emergency room near you…

One example of why you are fat... The Hamdog... click the pic for more examples

One example of why you are fat... The Hamdog... click the pic for more

Fruit sales on the rise from six to midnight

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Wow… Expect long lines in supermarket tomorrow… At the Grammy Awards, Katy Perry did for produce what Kanye is doing for A.C. Slater’s hair style… daaaaammmmn…. At least the Grammy’s were worth watchin’ for that…

mmmm... the Carmen Miranda makeover

mmmm... the Carmen Miranda makeover

 *reference Forgetting Sarah Marshall for the “six to  midnight”

All bow to Eric Ripert… the true Top Chef

Posted February 4, 2009 by sinatram
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I don’t think this episode deserves the standard Top Chef recap.

What we saw this week was not a culinary competition… it was culinary education. Since early-December I’ve wanted to write about Le Bernardin, specifically to discuss the unbelievable dining experience I had there. Unfortunately, until now, I simply didn’t know what to say.

Of all the episodes this season, I felt that this was the most interesting from both a viewing and learning perspective. To see how nervous and excited the chefs were, kind of said it all. Even the judges seemed elated to be given such a unique experience. Mr. Ripert himself even seemed surprised at the praise of Toby Young, a critic typically known for his harsh rhetoric and not his endless praise.

Food Mecca at 155 W. 51st St.

Food Mecca at 155 W. 51st St.

I was pleased to see Fabio applauded for his job of  mimicking the Red Snapper dish. I have tried this dish and can tell you first hand that I’ve simply never had a better cooked piece of fish. From the sauce to the razor-thin slice of sourdough that serves as the faux-crust, the dish is flawless.

All-in-all it appeared that the judges were impressed with the chefs understanding of each dish. Let’s face it… no one is going to do it quite like Mr. Ripert… then again, how easy is it to recreate a Michelin 3-star, NYTimes 4-star and Zagat 28 menu?

Should I get the opportunity to return to Le Bernardin, you can bet that I’ll be trying that Lobster/Asparagus. Hopefully, that opportunity will be sooner, rather than later!

The candyman can… and he should!

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Blondie sent me something interesting from Grub Street today… Tasty, thirst-quenching, mouth-watering, breath-freshening bubble gum. Well, not just any kind of bubble gum… Meatball Bubble Gum! I was really excited about this… that is… until I found out that they are merely pieces of bubble gum shaped like meatballs, and unfortunately, not flavored like them.

That's a spicy piece a'gum!

That's a spicy piece a'gum!

Oh the possibilities… A Bragiole blow pop? Some Macaroni Macaroons? Tortellini Taffy? Gnocchi Gumdrops? Non-Peril Parmigiana? Willy Wonka, where are you when we need ya?

Around the weekend in 30,000 calories

Posted February 2, 2009 by sinatram
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Some food for thought… pun intended. Apologies for a weak post, but I just can’t seem to shake this thought…

What is it about the weekend that encourages us to find an excuse to eat like we haven’t had a meal in weeks? It’s not a  secret that I find no greater pleasure than stuffing my face, but even in times where I attempt to be good and watch my intake, up pops a Fri/Sat/Sun and a new plethora of excuses.

It’s someones birthday,  it’s the Super Bowl,  I haven’t seen so-and-so in a while, it’s Restaurant Week,  I’m making up for what Gandhi missed,  Fiore’s is doing the Roast Beef today…

Next thing you know, you’re back to square one, leaning forward to catch a glimpse of the number on the scale over your bloated waistline.

Phew… something’s gotta give… apologies for the rant…

Ugh... Weekend, I prefer the weekend!

Ugh... Weekend, I prefer the weekend!