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NYC Wine & Food Fest Burger Bash 2009 Recap

October 10, 2009

What an unbelievable night beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Easy to say that I put down somewhere between 10-15 burgers last night! In all honesty quality was great all around, but a couple stood out above the rest. Congrats to Spike Mendelsohn for his second straight win. Personally, I credit his cheerleaders.

Food Highlights:

Party Highlights:

 A great culinary event for a great cause! Looking forward to 2010… for now though, I’m off to eat a salad.

Bobby Got My Vote!!!

Bobby Got My Vote!!!


Ate so much I got BB-Queezy

October 1, 2009

East, West, North, South and Midwest alike, if there is one food that transcends the American culinary culture, it’s undoubtedly BBQ. The Carolinas, Tennessee, Missouri or Texas — as we know there’s truly no one right way to smoke, grill or marinade meat. Recently, I’ve been dining amongst gods of the pit including Big Ed Mitchell and his unconventional blending of east and west flavors (no not Asian, vinegar and dry rub!), and the late-great Billy Mays,  included for his excitement for stain removal, providing diners with the comfort of knowing that it’s okay to pig out because stains incurred from moist, tangy meat are merely part of the experience.

Recent visits to the annual Big Apple BBQ festival in Madison Square Park, Lambert’s in downtown Austin, TX and Blue Smoke in NYC have made me continuously crave messy, sloppy, dirty, and filthy,  ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket, slaw, beans, and of course… beer.

Looking for a good sauce? Give FunniBonz a shot… especially the spicy

Ready to chop that whole hog

Ready to chop that whole hog


September 15, 2009

I’m not sure that eating $36 tomato/mozz demonstrates financial responsibility, but damn, another fine move by our fearless leader (past and present).

Obama and Clinton yesterday at Il Mulino, presumably talking global issues over perhaps the finest bread basket on earth. Kind of makes you wonder, does the suit make the man, or the meal? Either way, good choices all around.

Rolling out... literally... walking is difficult after a meal at Il Mulino

Rolling out... literally... walking is difficult after a meal at Mulino

Live bloggin from the beach…

February 27, 2009

In South Beach for a wedding this weekend and despite my best efforts to remain healthy the abundance of eateries has gotten the best of me.

Yesterday we paid homage to Top Chef contestant Jeff McInnis and had lunch at the Dilido Beach Club. I must say for a beach-side restaurant, I was really impressed. Similar places always seem overpriced and over-hyped.  Perhaps the drinks were a bit pricey, but the cuisine was spot-on. A great selection of Tapas, salads, sandwiches, etc.

A table with a view at Dilido

A table with a view at Dilido

Breakfast thus far has commenced at David’s Cafe. A great spot for standard continental breakfast with a Cuban twist. My new fav… Cuban toast!

More to come with meals planned at le sandwicherie, the Ritz-Carlton, the National Hotel and more!

For now, I’m just tryin to enjoy the sun! Perhaps some poolside live blogging is in the cards?

IAteItMyWay Profiled at Midtown Lunch

February 25, 2009

Excited to be among the profiled at Midtown Lunch. This site is a godsend for those looking for a decent meal in the food wasteland of Midtown Manhattan.


Can’t say that I was thrilled with most of the comments. Apparently, I’m not giving enough respect to Indian food, and not liking it makes you a questionable human being…

Thanks to Zach for the post!

That keeps me searching for a heart of… shrimp?

February 16, 2009

Valentine’s Day 2009… while I’m all about helping restaurants keep their bookings up in these difficult times… I just couldn’t see a reason to pay an outrageous amount of money on a prix-fixe meal for me and the lady.

Hmm… let’s jack up prices on a boring menu and offer a cheap glass of champagnge  and a rose to make everyone feel special??? No thanks…

You want special for V-day… make  it yourself. Chicken Saltimbocca, stuffed peppers and a “Heart of Shrimp” salad…

Valentine's Day a la Hoboken

Valentine's Day a la Hoboken

This is why you’re fat

February 9, 2009

Wow… great web discovery, today.

In the voice of the late, great Don Lafontaine: In a world where calories no longer matter… Food is prepared any way you like… heart attacks are something to strive for… and being wrapped in bacon, topped with french fries, or deep fried merely make you normal… well…


A web site completely dedicated to the most raucous, heartburn inducing, artery clogging foods on earth… you must check out this website.

Coming soon to an emergency room near you…

One example of why you are fat... The Hamdog... click the pic for more examples

One example of why you are fat... The Hamdog... click the pic for more