This blog was not launched as a way for me to aggregate content from other sources and simply store them in a location I could call my own. Some argue that this would be the point of having a blog, however, I just like the idea of developing original content based on my experiences and interests…


That is withstanding, those certain occasions, when a story just needs to get out there to the masses. Case-in-point, below.  


Your omelet has just made a new friend, and he is cooler, hipper and fatter than any of its previous partners… Meet the Bacon Explosion a by-product of Kansas City, well known for its famous BBQ… below for the pic, Thanks to Damon Darlin and the NYTimes for the lead!


2 lbs of Bacon + 2 lbs of Sausage = Heaven and a Heart Attack

2 lbs of Bacon + 2 lbs of Sausage = Heaven and a Heart Attack

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3 Comments on “Heartburn — MEET YOUR MAKER”

  1. Dina Says:

    Omg lol, what IS that? It looks like there is pasta inside of it haha!

  2. Chris Says:

    that is pretty amazing

  3. Laura Jakosky Says:

    So are you going to have us all over for a Bacon Bash?

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