Top Chef: You could see it coming from a mile away…

With more than 20 minutes left in tonight’s episode of Top Chef, I knew the inevitable was about to happen. As I stated in last week’s recap, you knew the season was about to get interesting… unfortunately, as interesting as it got, it appears that my interest in the rest of the season will soon fade away…

Tonight, we say goodbye to Ariane Duarte… after 3 wins, a Today Show appearance and some solid home-state representation, she will certainly go down as my favorite contestant from the show.

It seemed that everyone was out to get her from the beginning. However, I have also stated over and over again that the main dish is the main focus, and apparently, the lamb failed miserably.

What I know is this, the base of a good eating experience comes from everyone that has their hand in the meal. From the farm that grows the food, to the chef that prepares it, to the bus boy who clears your table. I find it really hard to believe that one person can be held accountable for a poor dish in a setting like that.

I’ll be visiting Montclair soon and I definitely don’t see this as the end to my dining experience with Ariane.

Later my friend
Later my friend, it’s been fun…

Restaurant Wars next week, I suppose that could be fun… oh, and the whole Hosea/Leah romance… enough already, I’ve seen porn relationships with more depth than that.

… oh, and last week it was Dr. Pepper, this week it’s Spam… what’s next, cheese doodles? easy cheese?

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4 Comments on “Top Chef: You could see it coming from a mile away…”

  1. chadthesad Says:

    Ariane got the raw deal. She was the best team player and in my opinion easily in the top five Chefs still remaining in the show. I was certainly pulling for her since the first episode. Her pairing with Leah and Hosea was just bad luck. I felt like Radhika, should have been let go, she’s shown promise but hasn’t delivered in the past couple weeks. Best of luck to Ariane in her future career and if I’m ever in New Jersey, I’ll be sure to hit up CulinAriane!

  2. rich Says:

    someone has go, unfortunately it was Ariane. she has charisma in front of the camera as the Today show win showed. she repped N.J, and cooked a mean piece of beef. i also plan on visiting her restaurant in the future.

  3. Anne Says:

    Seriously angry about the poor decision made in reference to Ariane. I have watched Top Chef enough to start figuring out who is going to get let go from their editing. However, I kept thinking they wouldn’t make the awful decision to get rid of Ariane in order to keep the boring storyline of Leah and Hosea cheating on their significant others. May have been my last time watching the show!

  4. Peggy O'Haire Says:

    I miss Ariane! Vote for her as fan favorite on I think her elimination caused the most outrage ever on the blogs.

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