Quick Hit Top Chef Thoughts: OK, I’m not a celeb…

So, some quick thoughts about last night’s episode of Top Chef.
1. Ariane strikes again:  More Jersey representation!!! Even Martha was givin’ props to the motherland…
Am I in Culinariane Jersey love???

Am I in Culinariane Jersey love???

2. I’m not famous:  My face showed up about three times and Blondie looked like a celeb during her entrance, but I would have liked a little more camera time.. maybe a shot of me stuffing my face like a gavone?

3. Hosea wins, I win: I did give my aids ribbon to Hosea, that pork dish was incredible… no doubt.

4. Jeff had the crowds, but not the flavor.

5. Don’t listen to Colicchio: The food was not bad, at all. Maybe not as inventive as he would have liked, but I thought everyone did well in keeping with the theme.

6. Never thought I would like a deviled egg: I hate deviled eggs, always have… I probably had about 6 of those crab topped ones… they were unreal, the best I have ever had.

7. Anyone else getting bored of Padma’s harsh opinions??? I mean really…

8. Shout of to Blondie for getting us our 15 seconds of fame

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One Comment on “Quick Hit Top Chef Thoughts: OK, I’m not a celeb…”

  1. David Dust Says:

    Oh wow – that’s cool that you were at the event.

    Check out my recap. I apologize in advance for my cracks about The Garden State. I say them with LOVE…



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