IAteItMyWay Top Chef Sighting

As one could imagine, I am a HUGE fan of Top Chef.

Aside from an HBO show or two, I try to stay away from television altogether, however, it’s just one of those weekly shows that I refuse to miss. I’m not sure if its me diggin’  Colicchio’s opinions or Padma’s cougar-ness, but Wednesday nights are permanently reserved for this show.

ANYWAY… I have been following this season particularly close because I was given the opportunity to participate in an upcoming episode (Next Week: 12/17 10p.m. ET). No, despite my thinking that I am an all-knowing food expert, I was NOT the guest judge, but I was part of a rather size-able crowd that was given the opportunity to enjoy the holiday festivities.

I suppose I can’t give any details of the event, with the exception of  assuring you that all the food was damn tasty. I am however pleased to say that my likeness was featured not once, but TWICE in last week’s teaser for the new episode.

As far as my thoughts for the season so far…  I am loving the terrific representation of Jersey… GO ARIANE!

Out of pure excitement, I patiently awaited the rerun and took a picture of the TV from my couch. Christmas is coming, someone please buy me a DVR/TIVO.

Enjoy below, and watch next week!

The real New York Christmas Spectacular

The real New York Christmas Spectacular

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4 Comments on “IAteItMyWay Top Chef Sighting”

  1. Zog Says:

    I love the pic man..you look so happy…haha

  2. Benji Says:

    Look at that face…Mike Couldn’t be more proud!

  3. Kelly Says:

    WHERE IS MY CREDIT?!?!???!? I got you on the show!!!!

  4. Mr Anonymous Says:

    If I could only know what those 2 were thinking:

    Guy in tie: Man those were some good holiday eats – and looks at the booty on the one in front.

    Girl in front: If Red Tie back there doesn’t quit following me around, I’m gonna knee him in his yule log.

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