Saving it for a rainy day…

Hurricane Hannah is making its way up the coast… worst of all it has ruined the chance to spend one last warm, guido-free weekend down the jersey shore. Stuck in Hoboken this weekend (which really isn’t a bad thing), there was only one thing to do… A Fiore’s Roast Beef, Mozz and Gravy. Always fresh, always warm, and always delicious.

"Treccia" or braided fresh mozz at Fiore's "House of Quality"

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3 Comments on “Saving it for a rainy day…”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Prosciutto, mozzarella on a round roll with EVOO is where it’s at!!!!

    Dont’ forget a stuff pep with prosciutto and provalone

  2. Live Mike Says:

    That does not look very feng shui to me.

  3. Chris Hertzog Says:

    What you tryin to eat?

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